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Composer/Music Director

From 2000 to present day, Michael has been composing, arranging, enhancing and selecting music for corporate events throughout the world. Bands are selected to perform based on client and music needs. They perform live and in the studio. Michael has music directed shows and performed in New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, London, Geneva, Beijing, Cannes, Frankfurt etc...for clients such as Ford, Chrysler, GM, John Deere, The Ryder Cup, Amway, EACH (greater Detroit church initiative...Everyone a Chance to Hear), and for The Detroit Red Wings' Karen Newman. Check out the Live Events page for more information.

Along with live shows, Michael has composed scores, licensed original music, created sound design and enhanced tracks for a variety of clients including Ford, Chrysler, The Detroit Zoo, Henry Ford, Amway, Royal Caribbean. Check out the Scoring page to see a sampling of his scores

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Michael has released four solo CDs: Glory, Motion, A Thousand Faces and Nevada. He has performed at prestigious venues such as Nashville's The Blue Bird, The Arc in Ann Arbor, Magic Bag and several festivals including Arts Beats and Eats. He started his career as a founding member of Atlantic Records band Rebel Heels opening for bands such as REO Speedwagon and Greg Allman. As a member of Rebel Heel, Michael is a published songwriter with EMI and MCA publishing companies. Check out all of his CDs on the Music/Lyrics.

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Michael has produced over 35 artists' CDs including award winning CDs by JD Lamb (Feel That), and James Wailin (Rhythm of Life). Other artists he has produced include Jill Jack, Stewart Francke, Chuck Shirock, Barbara Payton, Annie Dubrinsky, Thirsty 4 More, Silverweed, Jibilian/Glass, Melissa McClain, Sister Seed, Hope Orchestra, David Folks, Terry Farmer, Wells, and the Howlin Diablos...Check out the Production page for more.